Tuesday, 8 November 2011


The tale of the Government Employed Barber
(he cuts the hair of Ministers).

While hair cutting, Government Employed Barber, asked PM, "What’s this Swiss Bank issue?” 
THE PM shouted, “YOU are cutting hair or making inquiry?”
Barber: "Sorry Sir, I just simply asked."
Next day, while cutting the hair, he asked DPM, “Sir, what’s this Black money issue?’’ 
The DPM shouted, ‘’Why do you ask me this question?’’
Barber: ‘’Sorry Sir, just simply asked you."
Next day, Anti Corruption TEAM interrogated the Barber, ‘’Are you an agent of the LEADING OPPOSITE PARTY?"
Barber: "No, Sir."

Anti Corruption Investigator:  "Are you the agent of the Leading Opposition Head?"
Barber: "No Sir."
Anti Corruption Investigator: "Then while cutting the hair, why you ask  Ministers about Swiss Bank and Black money issues?"
Barber: "Sir, the reason is, when I ask about Swiss Bank or Black money, the Ministers’ hair stands up straight. And that helps me to cut their hair easily!"

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