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Laughter is WELL KNOWN AS one of the best antidotes for reducing the day to day stress and anxiety. IT has proven to be an extremely effective way to increase the positive energy FROM AGES AGO. Laughter is responsible and necessary for achieving Happiness and Harmony in life. I was an introvert and serious person until I realised that I need to take initiatives to change and laugh more should I want to lead and turnaround the company I worked with during the Asean Financial Crisis.
I was so blessed because my superiors left almost the entire operation to me because of my characters and experiences. At times, I have one meeting after the other with my bankers, insurers, lawyers, and creditors for our repayment of overdue debts at the same day. For those who have gone through such an experience, you will able to imagine how stressful the work will be. Fortunately, because of my character and strong belief and willingness to take these challenges to make myself better, stronger and tougher. As such, I find the solution of laughter to ease my workload, emotion and enjoy my journey of turning it around.

Due to these invaluable experience, I decided to maintain such a blog to keep my readers healthy, happy and harmony. That is the main driving force to have this blog. Now you know why we have humour blog apart from OUR other BLOGS which ARE geared toward providing personal empowerment tips, tools and resources to assist you TO LIVE LIFE in MORE FULFILLING ROLES. 

Humour has proven to be a powerful and effective WAYS AND MEANS of assisting and enabling you to shift your focus and release many of the anxieties responsible for inhibiting your progress.

Without getting into all the physiological, spiritual, and scientific reasons how and why humour is such a positive and powerful force in improving your desired outcomes it has been scientifically proven to assist in enhancing immune function and improving your overall quality of life.

Based on that understanding we have chosen to dedicate a portion of the site to boost your positive energy that is created as a result of making you smile.

This link is all about related humour posts that we hope will assist you in increasing your energy levels and assist in making your day a little brighter, more positive and more productive in the process.

It takes many more muscles to frown than it does to relax, put a smile on your face and be well.

We hope you enjoy our Humour section.
"Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand."
-Mark Twain

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