Wednesday, 15 May 2013


An old man who is well dressed and wearing an expensive walked into a jewellery shop with a beautiful and sexy young lady in his hand. He says to the shop assistant, "Show me your most expensive diamond ring!". The assistant then brought out a ring with a huge shiny diamond and said, "This costs $50 000, sir". The old man took out a cheque book and wrote a cheque for $50 000 and hand it over to the assistant. The young beautiful lady was excited and jumped with joy!
However, the assistant replied, "I'm sorry sir, but if you were to pay with cheque, we'll have to clear the cheque first before you'll be able to collect the ring". The old man replied, "It's ok. Just call me on Monday and I'll collect the ring whenever it's ready".
The beautiful lady then gave a deep loving kiss to the old man and they both walked out of the shop.
On Monday, the shop assistant called the old man and said, "I'm sorry sir, but the cheque you have written on Friday bounced and we're unable to give you the ring."
The old man replied, "It's ok! I don't mind, but you wouldn't believe what a weekend I had! "

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