Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Hospital called the Family to come and see the Grandma before her last minute on the bed.
A Grandma is having her last breath on the bed at the Hospital.

Grandma with a shaking voice: My dear Son, and Daughter I would like to tell you something before I leave this world, I kept it secret for a long time.

Grandma holding both hand and tell them the secret.

Son & Daughter: Yes MOM please tell whatever you want, we love you.
I have 1000 Cows and a 50 acres Grape Farm and US10 Million.
The Grandmas sound is slowly down and down.

The Son and Daughter shake their MOM.

MOM, MOM, you did not tell where you kept all the fortune yet.
With the last time catching her air in this world, she told the Son and Daughter.
Here is the username GRANDMA1 and the Password is 12345, all the fortune is in the FACEBOOK FARMVILLE please look after for me.
Goodbye MOM love you both.

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