Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Very happy day to all my loving readers and visitors,

Let us begin our day with a good laugh and trust it will give you a great day.

So, the story begins:-

A drunk decides to go ice fishing, so he gathers his gear and goes walking around until he finds a big patch of ice. He heads into the center and begins to saw a hole.

All of sudden, a loud booming voice comes out of the sky. "You will find no fish under that ice."

The drunk looks around, but sees no one. He starts sawing again. Once more, the voice speaks, "As I said before, there are no fish under the ice."

The drunk looks all around, high and low, but can't see a single soul. He picks up the saw and continues.

Before he can even start cutting, the huge voice interrupts. "I have warned you three times now. There are no fish!"

The drunk is now flustered and somewhat scared, so he shouted out "How do you know there are no fish? Are you God trying to warn me?"

"No", the voice replied. "I am the manager of this ice-hockey rink."

Stay tuned again and stay healthy.

HEALTH IS WEALTH and trust this post give you the best wealth you ever deserved.

Cheers and love from,

James Oh

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